Tuesday, June 21, 2005


One of the books that has had the most impact on me last year is The emperor of scent. An account of Luca Turin and how he , from his great love for perfumes and his absolute smelling sense, developed a new theory about how the nose identifies a scent. A very elegant theory that has been sabled down by almost everyone. Several things make the book great reading. 1. Here we have the story of an underdog fighting the system, which always is good reading. 2. The sense of smelling is underrated (the only book I know handling this subject is Patrick Susskinds The perfume) and underdeveloped in society. This book learns you to not only look, hear or feel but too also smell the world. 3. His proza used to describe different scents is fantastic. He is able to translate smells into sounds, feelings and views. Very mind stimulating. 4. Having a scientific background I am more inclined towards the logical than the emotional. This book handles a "soft" subject like smell in a great blend of the emotional and the logical. (Maybe the sense of smell is the missing link between the feeling oriented and the visual oriented)

And now I found
the Blog of Luca Turin, making me a happy man. An inspiring thought and smell every day. What more do you want in life.

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