Thursday, June 30, 2005

Finally back up to snuff

The combination of knee & crown & filing & acid reflux really did a number on me, so no recent blogging. I guess professional bloggers just force themselves since it's a job (I still go to work, just have no spare energy for blogging when I come home).

Physical therapy is fairly impressive - truly a science. In addition to the exercises I've been doing, some balance muscle work that my chiropractor had not given me. I am impressed with healthcare in america. Both of my knee surgeries were first rate - stayed awake for the last one while watching it on a TV above me. Surgery took roughly 1 hour & the recovery off crutches less than a week. Neck surgery also first rate, but I waited too long to have the surgery not understanding the risk of putting it off. Sinus surgery top notch as well.

I read on one of the left wing blogs that folks in France prefer their health system to ours if they're not rich. I'm not rich & anyone working for a decent size company would have comparable medical insurance to mine, so believe the French have a false impression of the health care for the middle class in America, though I can't compare our systems directly. Now if Barbarian Invasions is any indication (and recent events sure back up that impression), than I'd rank our system far far superior to Canada's.

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