Thursday, June 09, 2005

Dutch government in disarray

As 60% voted of the Dutch population voted against the constitution and 80% of the government was pro we now officially have a rift between our chosen leaders and the choosers. Total panic is the result. A lot of navel staring is going on right now, in order to think over what went wrong and how define the right course in the next 2 years, because than elections will take place. It is nice to see our "best boys in the class" getting humble. I doubt however that it will have a long term effect. If not, our government will have another change by showing improvements in income, employment and a lot of other things. They promised us that that would happen in the next 2 years and again I doubt that that will happen
We will have to wait and see another 2 years before the Dutch choosers can take their revenge. I am getting excited already (goosebumps everywhere).

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