Sunday, May 01, 2005

Trying to find videos of released detainees

Was inspired by this post from Jeanne D'arc to see if I could amass a number of links of videos of released detainees telling their story. Alas, I cannot. Have tried searches via Google & Dogpile using "video released detainees (gitmo or baghram)". Have looked at this rummy's diaries. Searched through Even went to Al-Jazerra and Mother Jones. Have come across a very short transcript from PBS that Jeanne d'arc mentioned in a reply comment to my comment, but no video. They must exist, but obviously not that accessible, which is a bit surprising.

I can remember the first article I read about was in the NYTimes about some fellow sent back to Afghanistan with western clothing and tennis shoes. He immediately switched back to Afghan clothing, but kept the tennis shoes. Said that he had no idea of why he was released, but was happy to be back. Think he had been kept in Gitmo for ~10 months.

Will search more tomorrow, but honestly surprised that interviews are not more accessible. I know that the recent released fellows from Gitmo were told to keep quiet, but can recall released brats telling their story maybe a year ago.

An unsuccessful first effort at something I thought was going to be easy.

Here's a transcript of Mamdouh Habib's interview with "reporter" Tara Brown on Australia's 60 Minutes. It's typical poor-quality 60 Minutes stuff.
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