Saturday, May 07, 2005

See Under: Love - part II (partial)

Truly amazing how much the play adapters skipped from the book. The novel is in 4 parts with parts 1 & 2 being largely auto-biographic, though in very different styles.

As noted below, the first portion is written in stream-of-conscious style (overly influenced by Portrait of the Artist?) about growing up in Israel in the 50's, but the second section is far more readable (influenced by Portrait of the Artist?) describing the authour's visit to Poland for the first time in the 80's. He mentions in passing Solidarity protests, while researching Bruno Schulz's life, an authour I had never heard of. Polish Jewish authour who was...well I'll just paste in the details from Amazon's Alyssa A. Lappen

But in June 1941 when the Nazis occupied eastern Poland, Schulz was forced to live with the Viennese Nazi Felix Landau, who had a taste for art. Landau boasted of keeping a Jewish artist slave alive--on one daily bowl of soup and slice of bread. Schulz survived Landau's "protection" for a year. But, as the introduction notes, the Gestapo went on a rampage on Nov. 19, 1942, killing more than 150. Karl Guenther, a rival to Landau, shot Schulz in the head. A devoted friend buried him at night in a Jewish cemetery which has since disappeared, along with Schulz' grave.

Have to get rid to see Enron, so more details in next posting.

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