Thursday, May 12, 2005

More surgery coming soon

Received the results from the MRI. Left knee worse than right - this time I'll demand a blocker instead of general anesthetic.

In other news - there is a reason I stop reading some novels - They aren't worth it. Part 2 of See Under: Love is arguably worse than part 1. Some bizarre fantasy about the Bruno Schulz living as a fish? Honestly not sure because it's not worth the effort. Guess I'll quickly skim the rest of this section and see if Part 3 (about his "grandfather" storyteller) is any better. Amazing how much the play left out of the book - absolutely nothing from the first 2 parts.

I've toyed with giving Proust another chance, but after this experience forcing myself through an unsatisfying novel, not sure that Proust deserves another chance. Always found his characters to be incredibly insipid, and while his prose if florid and wonderful, how many pages of paragraph long sentences should I flog myself to read?

Off to Napa. Hopefully the Champagne (or sparkling wine) will bring me out of my knee funk.

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