Monday, May 30, 2005

Latest Star Wars actually a good movie

Thought that Lucas had completely lost his touch & absolutely hated the incoherence of Attack of the Clones. I was not going to ever give Lucas another ยข of my money, but the ginger haired yank hated Kingdom of Heaven so relented and paid for the Star Wars finale. Clearly the best of the 4 Star Wars movies that Lucas himself directed and I'd have to re-see Empire to re-assess which film is the best of the series.

Even though I disliked the original Star Wars film, I am a bit curious to re-see it now to see how the plot leads from the current film feed into the original. Outside of a few snippets of my least favourite scene (trapped in the garbage crusher) have not seen the original since its opening back in the late 70's. Remember how disappointed I was with the film as a whole & by the bar scene in particular - totally over rated film & scene.

Watched THX1138 on DVD a few years ago - clearly the most mature movie Lucas ever directed (zetes on IMDB believes that it is the best that Lucas directed) - it still is surprising the intellectual regression of Lucas's first 3 films. He starts with an adult movie, THX1138, then a high school coming of age with American Graffiti, and then regresses to school age entertainment with Star Wars. Don't know if it was the ton of money Lucas made or just that he only had 1 mature idea for a film in him.

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