Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I have fond memories of Rwanda

I spent Christmas 1979 in Kigali staying with another Peace Corps volunteer & having dinner with a Zaïrian friend & his Rwandian friend. A nice break from the Congo. Also enjoyed a number of fine trips to Gisenyi to swim & have a true multi-national experience (locals, us, and some Europeans), so never imagined that the country could fall apart. Zaïre yes - only a kleptomaniac with billions of IMF money could keep it together, but Rwanda always seemed to have its act together better than the Congo, probably because of its small size.

Seeing this powerful film tonight, had me thinking - why didn't we send thousands of mercenaries from Custer Battles. Why don't we use our money wisely & send them to maintain a safe zone in Darfur? Even though we're only ½ way through the film, I'm still left angry at the failing of the world community then & again now. I can't say that I have any solutions for Darfur & Kevin Drum outlines how limited the options are.

too sad & true

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