Sunday, May 08, 2005

Getting on line and Bush

AT LAST on line. It took my around 5 straight hours talking to help lines (with all their "how to deal with angry clients" instructed persons). I have changed almost all my settings on my computer, and at the end they found out something was switched the wrong way in the central connection centre. After that a service guy had to come by to reset all my changed settings.
Having no internet for a month really makes you understand what impact internet has on your live. A lot of things could not be done very efficiently etc. Glad to be back.

Bush: Bush is in the Netherlands for a whole 24 hours. It takes a few thousand security people, closed off highways, 5 planes and a hermetically sealed off luxury hotel to keep out the enemies of the president of the united states. It is nice of him to honor the fallen, but next time do it in France. It saves us the cost equivalent of the income of a small country (which we are) . Money which could be spent much more wisely.

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