Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Fine ending to LOST

Lots of cliffs hanging:

Can't remember where i read some teasers from the show's producer, but saying that we finally got to see the beast was dishonest. What did we see? A bunch of black smoke? Is that all the beast is, a bunch of black smoke held together?

Happy to find out that ambassador Delenn was not really a bad guy, but someone who just wanted her baby back - also happy that she's still alive.

Update to last night's posting on the Shield: guess because of all the season ending shows, I mistakenly thought the shield was at an end, but another fortnight to go. Same comment that picking up Glenn Close was a great choice & in the subplot (sideplot?) about the guy our mayor elect is based on shows how they should have written him out of the show. His beating up a hooker on the side doesn't add anything to the show & really isn't necessary to the main story line. Back to Glenn - I disliked her in Jagged Edge (reminded me of Meryl Streep too much), but she's perfect in this role & has saved the show. I quit watching after the penultimate episode of season 1 - went too far over the top losing the needed realism & heard negative reviews of season 2, but having Glenn become captain has added the needed spark back to the show.

You bad person. You KNOW that we are behind regarding TV series. I am not nearly at the end of LOST and now you publish all these giveaways. Next time warn me.
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