Monday, May 30, 2005

European constitution and the referendum

France says no and so will Holland. There are a lot of discussions going around regarding the constitution and there are a lot of no voters.
Reasons for saying no, for the most part, has nothing to do with the European constitution but is more a no against the Dutch government (which is at an historical low of 20% in polls). Personally I am against this government and a no will certainly be a political blow into their face (although not that big a blow now the French got the first hit), so it is very very tempting to vote no. However, I am against misusing the constitution for these kind of activities. Second reason to vote no is the euro. Since the introduction of the euro prices have gone through the roof as a lot of people have misused the introduction for increasing their prices.
For a next round of referenda: Make the constitution readable. Now we are talking about everything except the constitution.

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