Monday, May 23, 2005

The centre holds

So after all the sturm und drang the moderates make a deal. Guess the full details won't be known for a few days, so can guess (hope?) that Brown will be voted down in the Senate while Owens & Pryor will be approved. Glad that some level of civility was maintained - the end would have been ugly for all. Who won? The Senate in my view, though obviously the upcoming weeks will tell.

The hard cores on both sides will be mad of course, but relieved to see the Senate step back from the brink and happy to see Frist bummed (video on Crooks & Liars) so have to view this compromise as a defeat for him.

So what's the polling on this? I mean, are more than a third of the American public even paying attention to a battle over appellate judges? I don't think this will be big time until a Supreme fight comes up (even then, it'll need sex to get the big ratings), no matter how much the c3's try to build up the issue. Ah, all those c3 "charities" with their uplifting "issue education" to help out downtrodden folks like me. It puts a hitch in my throat (sniff).
Not sure what C3 means, but would guess that most americans don't care that much - pay attention just because it's the hot topic for the day.

Curious how you found my blog - please let me know.
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