Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Will not be defeated again

Fine Play

There are certain books that I haven't mentioned to read. Anything by Jane Austin or Henry James, though I do like movies from some of their books. At least with James, I managed to listen to an abridged version of Portrait of a Lady on tape, but when I tried to listen to Emma on tape, I couldn't manage it.

In those cases, I simply didn't like the book - hated the victimhood in James & Edith Wharton and Austin's books are all the same "when will i get married. who will i marry. how will i get married." With Proust, his characters are so insipid, I couldn't care less what happened to them, though I still feel the challenge of actually getting all the way through one part of his memoirs.

There are a few cases where I feel defeated by the book and See Under: Love is one of them. Originally I saw the play at the Traveling Jewish Theatre - a great playhouse in San Francisco that puts on very imaginative stagings of jewish themed plays (have seen 2 plays there) - bought the book there at the theatre, but never managed to finish it. Now that I've caught up on comic books & given Before the Storm all the attention it deserves, oh, and all the attention that A New Kind Of Science deserves, it's time to make the effort to fully read See Under: Love. Not a light read at all, so the challenge is there, but given how worthwhile the play was, and how I've read parts of two undeserving books recently, I feel obliged to prevail.

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