Monday, April 25, 2005

Why the Wire is such a fine show...

even the bit characters are well drawn. Brother Mouzone has only been on screen for maybe 5 minutes, but he's already a stand-out with each detailed worked out - e.g. he's dressed up in suit & bow tie a la Elijah Muhammed's group. First introduced for maybe 30seconds, but enough to set an image. Next episode he has 2 scenes - wounded a member of the rival gang & then sitting on a bench complaining that his flunky didn't bring his correct reading materials - another nice touch that he reads Atlantic Monthly, The Nation, Harper's, and The New Republic.

The best of TV truly is on par with the best of films now. The ginger haired yank pointed out what a nothing role Gareth Keenan had in Pirates of the Caribbean in contrast to what an annoying, but distinctive character he was in The Office.

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