Friday, March 04, 2005

Surgery put off

Guess it will be longer than 8 days. Personal experience shows how difficult solving any Medicare fiscal crises will be. Current insurance pays first $1500, then deductible kicks in of $1125, then insurance pays next. Sometimes too confusing for either the doctors' office or myself to figure out - partly because the insurance company lumps the $2625 together under 1 term....PCA?

I'll have to ask how things were back in the 60's. Did mom pay out of pocket when i broke my arm? Don't remember any insurance. What about my tonsillectomy? Broken finger? Amazing how much medical payments have changed in my life - how convoluted its become. How complex would it have become if Medicare/Medicaid had never come into being?

Oh, almost forgot. Got scared of going "out-of-network" so switched surgeons.

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