Tuesday, March 15, 2005

NCAA time

Still have fond memories of the tournament my first year up in Seattle. Had just arrived as the tournament began. Since I didn't know many folks there, I'd come back to the apartment after work to get inebriated & watch the basketball tournie. Great that you get 4 straight days of games, then after 3 days off, 4 more straight days of games. UW was actually pretty decent that year, but not one of the big boys losing to...Xavier? after beating Duke. Guess they were a bit over confident then. Of course UK just got spanked shooting 3 for 33 in the 2nd half against Georgetown. I could tell how tight they were with their shots.

Decided to copy our DBA's approach & use the draft teams for the pool. Thought that was the most fun. What happens too often with "pick all games" pools is that everyone picks the fave, e.g. UNLV back in '91, so there's no competition at the end. This way, you should have folks alive at least until the final 4. I'm going to live-and-die with my 4th seeds. Either Syracuse goes all the way to get me 4+8+12+16+20+24= 84 or I'm toast. Hopefully Florida can go to the semis as well. If that happens I should take the pool. In hindsight, I should not have taken so many #2 seeds since you have to have them win their bracket to make them worthwhile. Otherwise I don't have alot going for me. Always fun the tourney & getting together with Sco for the UoA game - assuming they win on Thursday - should be fun.

Go Cats!
Go Cats!

Nevada 9
St. Mary's (CA) 10
SE Louisiana 15
Wake Forest 2
Minnesota 8
Florida 4
Kansas 3
Uconn 2
Syracuse 4
Ukentucky 2

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