Thursday, March 17, 2005

minor items & hassles with blogspot

Teams all winners in first round, but I still need the favourites to keep winning. Samwise chose the 12th seed approach & was rewarded with a victory today. A single victory is fine, but if any of his 12th seeds go as far as the elite 8, i'm in trouble. M.O. is 0 for 5 today. I don't think i've ever ever seen anyone go so winless after so many games. Pretty amazing. Happy to see both of my alma maters win today, so maybe UoA is better than I thought, though I'll be curious if they can take UAB. They looked better than I thought, so maybe they are a sweet 16 team, but can't see them making the final 4. Of course would love to see Nevada upset the big boy Illinois. That would be my rankings a wonder.

In other fronts, looking forward to surgery - hopefully on Monday. This surgeon prefers general anesthetic to a "blocker". Haven't had a blocker, so was curious to try it, but won't argue with the man with the knife.

oh, final note. Maybe the Buffy quasi-spinoff has hope after all. It looked much better tonight & they even had the head nerd from the 6th (& worst) season of Buffy. Funny, it said this was his 5th appearance, but don't remember him previously & didn't think that I had missed that much.

p.s. Blogspot still not very robust. not sure what's up, but very annoying to post & wonder if you're posting has vapourized.

ADDENDUM: believe that was my 5th try at posting. had to save to word (which nicely allows links to be saved) and then try again. not sure what up, but very very annoying.

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