Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Hope Season 2 is as good

Some folks just have talent. Used to watch Homicide: life on the street and then later read the book Homicide: A year on the killing streets and enjoyed the TV show more than the book, though had stopped watching by the final season - critics thought the show stayed on one season too long.

Now through the glories of Netflix, I can rent the entire first season, 2-3 episodes at a time. Only quibble is that it would have been nice to have the 1st episode sometimes to look back at the first scene in the courtroom - was that Stringer? Did Jimmy receive the same line he gave? Would have liked to re-see Prez's spaz introduction. Turns out he's good with codes & numbers, but has no business carrying a gun or walking a beat.

Nice closure to see the one detective who stole some money & thought he had scammed a Sgt. spot end up laying down the lay to new detectives in homicide. Actually dramatically satisfying to have our star get kinda screwed over - "tell me what positions you don't want" - ending up on harbour patrol. While the honourable Lt. gets passed over for promotion as punishment, but Bunk after serving his time in the purgatory of Pawn Shops finally earns the right to return to homicide - the more glamorous position.

Now that the characters have scattered all over, curious how there can be seasons 2, 3, and soon 4. Well a few films in between to give me a break before I get back to season 2.

A while back Crooked Timber had a posting on Netflix. I think they were asking whether Netflix was worth it. Being able to catch good shows like this without missing an episodes is just one more glory of the current technological aid & one more reason why i dig Netflix so much.

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