Wednesday, February 16, 2005

It's late & i'm short on ideas

Could post on finally watching the wire last night - it's is pretty neat that we can get entire seasons of show on DVD. This is a time I wish that my Netflix account still was up at 3 at a time. I could be plowing through a ton of episodes probably watching both seasons in a fortnight instead of waiting for each disk to come in - 5 per season. In same post could point out that some folks just have talent - David Simon now responsible for the good good show Homicide: Life on the street, or how it's great the someone at HBO has enough taste to keep putting on fine shows.

Could post on my running argument with jj about the MSM, but think even i'm tired of that, though i wonder how long conservatives will continue to harp given that we now have the blogosphere & talk radio & conservative newspapers & Fox news + wannabes. Guess that sense of belittlement has worked on their ascension so would guess another 5-10 years.

Could post on how job is finally improving just when i passed another phone interview & have in person interview on President's Day.

Could post on how i'm thinking of knee surgery - feet surgery last year/knee this year. Meniscus vs. neuroma.

Could post on looking forward to drinking wine up in Sideways country this weekend. Will have to enjoy as many Pinot Noirs as possible & will finally be able to eat Andersen's vegetarian pea soup.

Well none of them strikes me enough, so will have to head to bed and try posting tomorrow on long delayed construct of a Medical Marijuana study.

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