Friday, February 11, 2005

Friday Night Wine Blogging (post-technical difficulties)

Columbia Crest Merlot - 2001

tabacco-peppery taste and it's a Full bodied wine, which is good I like full bodied wine. Full bodied - that just describes viscosity. so sayeth the Ginger-haired Yank

p.s. technical difficulties tonight. "Hello" kept not sending - exited program without realizing it was still active on tool bar. Full re-start & it worked fine. Would have been bummer to have had Friday Night Wine Blogging with no photo.

UPDATE: i liked it better when it was cold. Too much oak & alcohol.

Never could muster much enthusiasm for merlot. Can't say why exactly. Maybe they try to compromise too much between cabs and pinots. As long as you enjoy them, that's all that matters.
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