Thursday, February 17, 2005

Buffy quasi-spinoff

Read that Marti Noxon got a bum rap for the last 2 seasons of Buffy. I agree that the bad guys in the penultimate season were the weakest of the series, but the finale of Willow going all black redeemed the season - a killer 2-part conclusion will do that. The final season was a real pickup "from beneath it devours" & it some ways the most insidious bad guy being able to take the form of dead people & taunt the folks living. Some very nice touches, like having all the bad guys from all seasons morph into each other while talking to Spike in the season opener. Good touch bringing Faith back for the ending when the slayer wannabes turned their back on Buffy.

So how to rate the step-child of Buffy Point Pleasant? Well it's neither Buffy nor Angel, and while i may watch the remaining x of 13 episodes, I am starting to agree with the comments on IMDB that the show will not be around for another season. Too many sideplots about other characters that we can't really care about. It's not like Lost where they keep throwing you enough curves to keep your interest and you are curious about how the characters got there in the pseudo The Bridge of San Luis Rey style. Or Buffy had good bonding amongst the scoobies & usually a good running bad guy - at least in seasons 1-3, 5, & 7 (buffy's biggest weakness being when they had COTW episodes). Here Point Pleasant hasn't pulled off either that chemistry & there's a bit too much soap opera to it.

I'll predict that it won't be renewed by Fox next season.

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