Thursday, February 24, 2005

Another pointless remake

No reason for Father of the Bride to be remade. Come to think of it, there was no reason for the Getaway to be remade or Here Comes Mr. Jordan (didn't care for the original or the Warren Beatty remake).

Remakes that were better are few, but do exist. There was Lolita of course - the remake being far far superior to Kubrick's miscue. I've never seen the original A Star is Born, but can't believe that the Judy Garland remake was not superior with Cukor's superior direction.

It is pretty amazing how many derivative, retread or drivel films are produced by Hollywood. You'd think that with 6 billion souls on the planet, there would be a few more talented screen writers out there & dull films like Mr. Jordan would not need to be remade twice in my lifetime.

Maybe the only film that i've enjoyed 3 times was Les Diaboliques - enjoyed both the Tuesday Weld remake and the one with Melissa Gilbert & hubby so guess I should complete the circuit & see the most recent Sharon Stone copy for good measure.

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