Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraqi election

Got a bit teared up reading the stories in the NYT yesterday about Iraqi ex-pats voting in the US. At first I didn't understand the stories about driving for hours, but then yesterdays paper explained that there's only 5 places to vote in the US for the Iraqi elections. One moving story of an Iraqi ex-pat originally not wanting to vote, but then after he read about a death of a US soldier in Iraq, being inspired by the sacrifice, so he loads his family on a van and drives from Seattle to Irvine to vote. Another one about a group trip from Dallas metro to Nashville to vote (guess it would be churlish to ask why they didn't just have voting booths in top 10 metro areas - max of 1 per state?).

I've been opposed to the Iraq War since the drums first beat, but I do fault the left for their hatred of Bush blinding them to any good news from Iraq. Best comment (and final word) of the day I'll leave to Buzzmachine:

Whether it's Kerry or any of these bloggers, it would be the grownup, mature, generous, humanistic, caring -- yes, dare I say, liberal -- thing to do to be glad that people who lived under tyranny are now giving birth to democracy. Democracy isn't a right-or-left thing, folks. It's a right-and-left thing, remember?

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