Friday, January 21, 2005

I was looking at the blog of Zacht Ei (entry of 17 January), in which he shows a graph of his last run. I have been using a heart beat monitor for my weekly jogs for several years and have noticed that when I take the same run at the same pace my heartbeat differs per situation :
1. In the morning my heart beat is about 10 BPM higher than in the afternoon. Especially the start should be done in a much lower pace as the starting beat peak is also much higher.
2. After a week vacation my heartbeat can be up to 20 BPM lower.
3. When I meet a dog my heart beat goes up around 10 BPM (I love dogs, but still I have a primary hormonal response and my body releases adrenaline just to be sure).
4. When I meet a woman my heart beat goes up temporarily by around 10 BPM (again a primary hormonal response).
Conclusion is that, in a way, a heart beat monitor during a jog can reveal a lot about the primal instincts of the human being (or at least me) and its state of being.
Maybe I should try to commercialise these findings, get filthy rich, retire and have a 20 BPM lower heart rate during my afternoon runs (with the occasional peak).

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