Thursday, January 13, 2005

For my American friends who wondered what carbide is. Carbide is Calcium Carbide. In the past used in carbide lamps. When calcium carbide comes into contact with water a combustible gas is generated.
With Milk can shooting a piece of carbide is placed in the milk can. Some water is added. A football or lid is placed on the can and the gas is ignited thru an opening in the can. The result is a spectacular sound. Carbide milk can shooting is an art. It is very very important to get the right mix of water, carbide and oxygen and the right ignition time for the best explosion. Years and years of experience are needed for the optimal result.
Carbide costs almost nothing. So this is very spectacular and very cheap firework. Some sample movies can be found here.

those are pretty dramatic - didn't know carbide was capable of such explosive power.
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