Monday, January 03, 2005

1 short & 1 not-so-short review of movie sequels

Bourne Supremacy - just as good as the first, albeit with no love interest.

Matrix Reloaded - no worse than the first one.

Perhaps it's because my expectations were so low, and that i hated the first one so much, and i had the powerful remote in hand, but found the sequel no worse than mind candy despite the pointless fight scenes & pretentious dialogue - maybe seeing a borrowed DVD instead of paying at a theatre helped as well.

The original Matrix was a masturbatory fantasy for adolescent males, so could not understand why a 40-something friend of mine had recommended it. Once you learn that the matrix is a simulacrum, the whole film falls apart. Why bother giving yourself guns & kung-fu, why not the powers of the Flash or Green Lantern? The answer's obvious of course - guns & kung-fu are cool. The only redeeming character in the entire film was Agent Smith "what goud is a phone call, when you have no mowth Mr. Anderson?"

Otherwise what a disappointment from the creators of Bound - a truly Hot film.

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