Saturday, December 04, 2004

So what do you want to blog about?

that's what the ginger-haired Yank asked me two days ago.
"well uh wa'...wa'...what do you mean what do i want to blog about? hmmm. well my initial topics would be:

Why blogging?

Two reasons come to mind. I'm a big fan of the blogosphere - addict may be a better word - so hey, if i'm already such a fan, why not join the fun? Also having been a member of a Yahoo Group "WWF" discussing the war that fell apart the need to publicly express myself is still there.

Blogosphere fandom: A couple of aspects of the blogosphere i enjoy are clicking on a link from a "blogroll" & then doing the same on the next blog after a quick read & then again & again until finally i come to a blog that does not have a blog roll. It's also neat to click "Next Blog" at the top of my blog here on blogspot. You come across folks from all around the world. Also, "You wouldn't believe what folks will put on line". Came across a blog about epilepsy with some fellow only has sex on a biannual basis because of his wife's illness - seems a bit too personal to be putting out there, but obviously he had that need to express himself. Not sure how "next blog" button works, but seems to be random selection as the ones I see today are completely different from last night.

Obviously a 3rd reason is the not-so-hidden desire to become an elite blogger. Read a month ago that there's 1½ million US blogs - don't think we'll all hit the big time, but also believe that 1,487,693 of us have that desire at some level. Fortunately, I'll never need the income so will never face the pressure to become a professional blogger.

It looks like there's 4 ways folks to become elite blogger: (1) be an established journalist - sullivan, TPM, Wolcott (2) be sponsored by a media entity - Wonkette, Calpundit, Kausfiles (3) have a specialty that is of interest to many - Volokh Conspiracy or Crooked Timber to a lessor extent (4) come from nowhere. Obviously professors like Drezner or Reynolds have a leg up though instapundit doesn't cover law much. Others like Atrios or DailyKos or Little Green Footballs or Digsby just came out of nowhere, so I have no idea how they reached their status. Wish I had saved the recent list of who the top bloggers during the campaign were considered to be, but was quite surprised to see Digsby & LGF on the list. Do not consider Drudge a blogger - never sure what he actually writes - he's more a 1 man Yahoo so would not put him in the blog category, but guess there's no other box for him.

Also have no idea how janegalt & ASV achieved their quasi-elite status, but it's nice to see the blogosphere look after it's own - specifically Instapundit having janegalt as guest blogger must have helped her profile & his link to ASV on November 3rd was probably the only way I would have come across her, though I did notice that she might win a blog award in....Best Social Blog(?) category. I can easily see the day when we'll have "People's Choice Blog Awards" "MTV Music Blog Award Show" - of course other regions will have to host their local equivalents at some point - but i'm not looking forward to the day when there's a monthly blog award event taking place, though that won't stop the award proliferation from happening.

well enough ramblings for now, it's time to get ready to see Sideways. Hopefully tomorrow I'll learn BloggerBot & be able to post my belated "Friday Night Wine Blogging" photo along with my review of Sideways.

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