Monday, December 06, 2004

The Office has a happy ending

The Office closes

After becoming increasing negative in its 2nd season, The Office actually has an upbeat ending - won't give details & spoil it for folks still waiting for their Netflix DVD. Everyone's favourite episode had to be the 4th in the 1st season with the outsider trainer for the group - we've all had to muddle through Diversity or Lean Sensei or 6 sigma or some similar waste of time (or at least marginal added value of your time). Not quite sure what companies are thinking, but they'd be better off telling folks to see a movie matinee, than to force folks through some busy work exercise on company time.

The 2-part ending movie also hit the raw nerve of dating while being a professional. Personally, do not miss the days of (they're great if you're new to an area) and blind dates and group dates and non-date dates. The restaurant scene in the Office finale reminded me too much of a date at some bakery - made me feel old when my date arrived, though I did enjoy the bakery & went back there often for their croissants.

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