Sunday, December 19, 2004

Ignominious end to a season w/movie review

Watched "Wonderland" about an uphappy older couple & their 3 daughters + 1 son
  1. single mother - father is irresponsible reprobate leaving son alone, so son goes off to get mugged
  2. pregnant daughter - husband quits job but doesn't tell her. then he goes off & leaves her for a bit while having motorcycle accident.
  3. single scene daughter - goes off on b.s. dates from single ads, but black guy next door who has crush on her maybe asks her out at end of movie.
  4. son doesn't have much of a role - basically has sex with new wife & leaves a Vmail.

Same director as "24 hour party people' but way way too much hand held camera work & no redeeming comedic performance by steve coogan. Not much redeeming music or zeitgeist feel either. Winterbottom has improved with age - very much enjoyed Code 46 & the claim - so maybe he just needed some seasoning.

p.s. got the snot beat out of me in the playoffs. Disappointing end to a season that had looked so promising as i waltzed into the playoffs just 2-3 weeks ago.

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