Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Harder week than it should have been

My best boss at Boeing once told me never to burn vacation on easy days. Since my first 3 employers shut down for Christmas, never knew what he meant. Since my last 2 employers have not shut down I've worked for Christmas & realized how easy these between days are.

Last year was great - super easy drive & easy days at work. This year is different - maybe because we don't get Thursday-Friday off, the commute's been worse than it was last year in the evening. Also we're so short handed at work, the days are not as easy as they should be for this time of year.

All that to say that blogging about Medical Marijuana or inventions that need to be created or review of Huck Finn (not that impressive so far) or Clarke's tome will have to wait for another posting.

Oh, did learn again about trolls. What kind of life do folks have that they're obsessed with entering snarky comments on blogs - don't get it.

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