Sunday, December 26, 2004

Disappointing Getty exhibit & 1/8th review of JS & MN

Off the Wall Street Journal's recommendation, we saw Cézanne in the Studio at the Getty. There's a reason why water colour is viewed as a lessor art form to oil painting. Just no comparison between Cézanne's water colours vs. the (few) oil masterpieces at the Getty such as Jeanne Kéfer (a spitting image of the ginger-haired yank) or Cézanne's oil work. Worse, the Getty with acres of display space placed Cézanne exhibit in a small cramped room so folks couldn't wait to leave the exhibit - a true disservice to the artist & WSJ should have mentioned the poor presentation.

Some authours just have that ability that makes you want to get back to the novel to find out what happens next. Susanna Clarke completely has that ability. Her footnote technique annoyed at first, but now I'm enjoying the little side story told through the pseudo-documentation. Off the first 100 pages, would call JS & MR very clever & well put together.

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